Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salt Potatoes

Hi, I'm Kaiti and I like potatoes.  No seriously, I went on a "Bubba Blue" style rant (you know in Forrest Gump where he lists like a hundred way to do Shrimp...?) but about potatoes.  I just can't get enough of them. 

My downfall is french fries... it's really bad.  But then I ate these tasty taters after seeing something on tv about them (I think).  NOMS!!  It's like a healthy french fry.  Boiled instead of fried but it still has a crunch to in and they are still salty potatoey goodness.

You can dip these in ketchup or vegan butter... or for a little "crab boil" taste, dip them in vegan butter with some old bay mixed in!!  These are super easy to make and will definitely be a hit side dish with whatever you choose to serve it with! What are you waiting for?!

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Agent of Change said...

These are A M A Z I N G!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. AND, your new graphics are great! :-D

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