Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dumpling Attempt #1

I’m proud of my first dumpling attempt… but there was a lot to improve on.  I attempted 2 shapes, (whoa over-achiever much?) and decided to stick with a “closed satchel” shape.  I tried “THE” potsticker shape… but found with my inexperience with wrappers and shaping in general, the “closed satchel” was a lot easier.  (Even though I’ll definitely try again to improve)

The best thing I’ve found with dumplings is you can fill them with anything! So you can please vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores!  I filled mine with lots of chopped veggies and after eating em, I know what I can do to improve them next time!

I got frozen (vegan friendly) dumpling wrappers at my local Asian food store.  (Need to go back… yeah I made that many dumplings!) OH! another thing I like… Make them and freeze them! Instant snack, or meal addition.  Okay back to the dumpling wrappers… Soo I didn’t quite do my research before I made em… but they worked… But I’ll fill you in on what I didn’t know.  

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