Friday, August 26, 2011

New Blog!

Hello out there!!! 

I'm Kaiti.  I am not new to the blogosphere by any means, but rather starting a new blog because I wasn't completely happy with the publishing options of my other host.  I feel as though this blog will be easier for more people to access. (And my mother to comment on... "Hi Mom.")

       The purpose of my blog is to share with you reviews of products and the recipes I create or find, or veganize.  I'm new to the vegan eating but I have a very supportive family that eats whatever I put in front of them.  If they go back for another helping, I know that it is a good recipe and is one to share with you!
        As some of you may know there are a wide array of vegans.  There are soy-free vegans, vegans who don't eat anything that looks like meat, raw vegans, strict vegans, and vegans who are less strict and will still eat honey or wear "non-vegan" textiles.  For me, I'm less strict kind and working on limiting my soy intake.  As I live with my "omnivore" family, I try to make the textures more like meat because my reason for becoming a vegan eater is because I found that a non-vegan diet just didn't agree with my stomach or my body. (Like would have an allergic reaction to eggs, dairy, and meat/seafood...)

       I have a lot of posts coming as I will be moving them from the old blog to this one!  I'm also in the process of working on converting my menu calendar to this blog.  Hopefully you will stick around and see what I have to offer!

(Unsure of my new sign off at the moment... but it'll happen eventually)


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