Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black Pepper Chick'n (or whatever protein you want)

 The first time I ate black pepper chicken was in a Vietnamese restaurant back in DC called Taste of Saigon.  I think the story goes my mom ("hi mom") went to eat at the restaurant for a business meeting or something... she came home and RAVED about the black pepper chicken.  She took me a few weeks later... it was quite possibly the most delicious thing ever!!!  There's something so great about the spice of the black pepper with the salty sweet sauce... It's so yummy!

How yummy you ask...?  Find Out More


Anonymous said...

Girl! you are definitely right. I ate Black Pepper chicken from Taste of Saigon like in 1998 or something and I almost DIED it was so good. Vowed that one day I would find the recipe. Hoping that yours is close enough. Thanks

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