Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice Cream.  The bane of my hips' existence! I love ice cream... probably a little too much.  I admit that I am guilty of buying a carton of ice cream, sitting down to a good chick-flick, and realizing halfway through the movie, that I am out of ice cream.  

Becoming vegan, didn't change my love for ice cream.  So I went straight to the freezer section of my grocery store and found So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream.  IT IS SO GOOD!! Try the mocha almond fudge flavor.  DELICIOUS.  But tonight after dinner BF and I were in the mood for something sweet and cold (we do live in Florida).  Unfortunately we didn't have any ice cream in the freezer.  I remembered reading about people making ice cream from frozen bananas.  Well frozen bananas we did have!  So we attempted our own frozen banana ice cream and it was AWESOME!  The other thing that was so great... one batch equals just enough for one serving.  No more overeating!!!  Are you drooling yet?  Good!  Go stick some bananas in your freezer right now! (they need to be completely frozen for this to be right... overnight is best)  This chocolate flavor has 3 ingredients and takes 3 minutes to make!

2 Frozen bananas 
2 TBSP cocoa powder
1 TBSP maple syrup

Chunk the bananas and put them in a food processor with the cocoa powder and maple syrup.  Pulse until consistency of soft serve ice cream/frozen yogurt.  Scoop out with a spoon or ice cream scoop and enjoy!! 

Another great thing about this is it's super versatile!  I added about a TBSP of peanut butter in mine.  But you could add chocolate chips, omit the cocoa powder & maple syrup (syrup was added to offset the bitterness of the cocoa), add the contents of a vanilla bean, bourbon (only if your of drinking age!), other fruits like strawberries or cherries, nuts, etc! The possibilities are endless!!! 


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