Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day of the Mushroom

First off... OH MY GOODNESS I JUST HIT 24K VIEWS!!!!! wowowowowow!!!! Thanks y'all!

My goal is to have 27k views in time for my 27th birthday... April 24th I know it's tight but I have faith in my readers. Look around my blog find a recipe you like and then share it with your friends! Know someone who's starting meatless Mondays, trying to eat healthier, etc? Please please PLEASE share my blog! Pin it, Tweet it, Facebook it, YouTube it, whatever you want. 

Moving on. Today's "food holiday" is "The Day of the Mushroom"... which is not to be confused with National Mushroom Day (that happens in October).  Not really sure what the difference is and, to be honest, I don't care. It's just another excuse for me to do more mushroom recipes!!! I love mushrooms. As a vegan/vegetarian, it's just a great meaty alternative in recipes/sandwiches/pasta... Anything! Oh, and don't worry... I've got something BIG planned for National Mushroom Day! Stay tuned and Stay HUNGRY :-) 

Mushrooms are really good for you! Super low in calories, no fat, no gluten, no cholesterol! They've got potassium, vitamin D and are a good source of vitamin B too! So load up your plate with mushrooms! 

This is a short post this time, as it's purpose was to be a gateway to a bunch of mushroom recipes (and recipes that have mushrooms in them) They are all Vegan (obviously), some contain nuts, some are gluten free or can easily be made gluten free and they are all TASTY! :-) 


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