Thursday, April 16, 2015

Caesar Salad- REMIX

I love Caesar salad. As a vegan it's really hard to see Caesar salad on every menu and know that you still can't eat it. They serve it with seafood. They serve it with steak. They serve it with chicken. Why not serve it with a vegetarian option too? I mean we're vegetarian/vegan we eat salad, that's why you have it on the menu isn't it... That's all we eat right? So then, why ya gotta ruin it by putting meat on it?! Rude! 

Now, traditionally, Cesar salad is made with Romaine lettuce. That's all well and good but I wanted to jack up my nutritional intake. I've seen kale Caesar salad, spinach Caesar salad. Whoopy-friggin-do. I wanted to switch it up because... Well...  Here's why..


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