Friday, November 1, 2013

Vegan Month Challenge!

Alright here we go! November 1 is World Vegan Day which kicks off Vegan Month too!  As we jump into Vegan Month, I have a couple of challenges for you... Try as many as you like and leave us a comment either here or on my Facebook page, let me know how you did!

  • If you are not vegan, I challenge you to try to eat vegan AT LEAST ONCE this month! Sounds like no biggie right?  Click around on here, find something that sounds yummy and try it! 
  • If you can accomplish that, you can try the next challenge: Eat Vegan for a whole week!

  • Not challenged enough? Then I challenge you to have a vegan meal with your non-vegan friends! Invite everyone over with the idea that you found this new recipe and want to get a couple opinions on it from everyone.  Suggestion: Don't tell them it's vegan.. Make it, watch everyone devour it, and then at the end of the meal tell them it was vegan... For whatever reason, people FREAK OUT when they know ahead of time that something is vegan.  If you tell them after they eat, you are more likely to get great reactions/comments about the meal.

  • First few seem it's too easy?  Why not try to eat vegan for 21 days of the month? Or even more extreme... Have a Vegan Thanksgiving! 

I'm on my own little mission to prove that eating vegan--even if you only do it a few times a month can get you a healthier body (you can see all the research on documentaries like Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Engine 2: Kitchen Rescue, Hungry for Change, or Food Matters) but it can also taste delicious!  

Challenge yourself and your friends! Share this blog post and lets see how many people will try to accomplish at least one of these challenges! :-)


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