Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Big Move

Welp,  I did it.  After 2 years, I've moved back home to my parents house in the DC area.  Most people think I'm crazy for leaving sunny, warm Florida for DC just as the temperatures are starting to drop.  But me, I'm excited.  One of my favorite foods "groups" is... SOUP!  Florida only has soup weather for like a month or two before its back to being unbearably hot. For me, there is something so warm and cozy, and just comforting about cuddling up with a warm bowl of soup...  Not to mention the amazing smells that waft throughout the house as your soup is being made.  For me, I make a HUGE (stock)pot of soup so that I can enjoy it for many days to follow!

I'm excited to bring you all some new soup recipes that will hopefully warm your home, tummy, and soul.  Here's what to look for soon:

AND MORE!!! :-) 

**Sorry there haven't been any posts... I've been moving so there was no food and I was living off of ramen, spaghetti, and salad!


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