Sunday, May 6, 2012


Graduations are happening all over the country right now, which means it's time for graduation parties. And for me, graduation parties mean lots of snackable foods, a variety of ages, and a variety of dietary needs.  

The BF's sister graduated yesterday so her graduation party is upon us... Luckily not until late June, but I volunteered to help make some yummies for the party.  Naturally, everything I make will be vegan (so I know I have something to eat at the party!) but on top of that there's family coming that are gluten-free, (pre-, I think) diabetic, dairy-free and nut-free.  So, first it's always good to label what everything is with a little placard to denote any allergens that are in the food!  Also, try out the recipes before the big day so you know how long it takes to prepare them and so you can taste test them first to make any changes and so you're putting out quality food!  I'm going to try to create a few things that will work for anyone, including the carnivores! I'm really excited!!

Here's a few things that I'm looking forward to trying!
  • Tapenade- a salty, dip/spread made from olives and capers (GF)
  • Mango-Avocado Spring Rolls- fresh, perfect for summer NOT FRIED! (GF)
  • Vegetable Sushi Rolls- during the summer these keep better than the fishy kind! (GF)
  • Taco Bites- not only are these a super cute idea, one batch makes 3 dozen pieces
  • Steamed Vegetable Dumplings- these can be served warm or for a party keep 'em cool
  • Not-Crab Rangoon- So yummy! You won't believe there is no crab!
Hope some of these appeal to you too!  Recipes are coming :-)


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