Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mac N No Cheese!! AMAZING-NESS!!!

A while ago I tried a Mac-N-Cheeze recipe that had squash and a bunch of different soy cheeses in it.  Well I’m trying to slow down my soy intake so when I stumbled on this recipe, I had to try it out! There’s no soy, no fake cheese, and it’s got lots of B-12 in it thanks to the Nutritional Yeast (something that vegans tend to not ingest enough of).  I was a little worried about what the non-veg heads would think of it… Here's what they thought:


Jamie Carbone said...

I am going to make this tomorrow along with your chopped salad and brussels sprouts. YUM!

Kaiti said...

Awesome!!! Let me know whatcha think... then, try the grown up version of my mac no cheese! It will rock you socks off!

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